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The Office of Cole C. Scott, DDS is your premier private practice dental office located in the city of Riverside, California. 


Dr. Cole Scott, Dr. Robert Mohn, and their team have been serving the city of Riverside and its surrounding areas for 35 years. 


At our office, patients are treated like family. Our patients are provided dental treatment at the highest standards, utilizing tried and true techniques and materials, via a caring and uniquely patient-centered approach. 


Our office utilizes proven technology along with clinical and scientific research to provide the most accurate diagnosis and recommended treatment for our patients. 


As a new patient of our office, we will check all of your existing fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, etc. to ensure they are free of decay or defects. X-rays will be utilized to evaluate inside and between teeth. A personalized cleaning that meets your needs will be prescribed, as well. 

About Us


As a courtesy to Dr. Scott and our other patients: If you must change your scheduled appointment, we require at least a 24 hour notice to avoid a $50.00 cancellation fee for each scheduled patient. We thank you for your consideration and cooperation.

Routine Exams


Our examinations involve a comprehensive review of your periodontium (gums & underlying bone), teeth and all existing fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, implants, etc. for decay or defects. This information is recorded and used to provide the most accurate diagnosis and recommended treatment. ​

Emergency Exams


An emergency exam involves a focused evaluation of a tooth, teeth, or area in the mouth that requires immediate attention. A broken tooth, swelling in or around the mouth, dental infection, a broken or missing filling, crown, etc. are just a few examples of a dental emergency. We will work to provide you the quickest, safest & most effective solution during an emergency exam.

Dental Prophylaxis
The most common type of cleaning provided, a "prophy," involves the superficial scraping and polishing of teeth.
Deep Cleanings
A deep cleaning involves a focused, deeper cleaning of the teeth above and below the gums. It typically takes 2-4 appointments to complete a deep cleaning. Deep cleanings are prescribed based off of information gathered from the X-rays and a clinical examination. Deep cleanings are required in some situations to get the gums and underlying bone free of infection and back to a nice and healthy state. 

Cosmetic Dentistry


Our goal is to always provide the most esthetic and functional outcome possible for our patients. To do so, we utilize tried and true dental materials and techniques to obtain the best cosmetic result.

Teeth Whitening


We offer an at-home teeth whitening solution that is prescription strength with custom fit trays, allowing you to bleach at your own leisure, whether it be at home or on the go.



When indicated, we provide tooth-colored ceramic & gold crowns, utilizing the strongest materials available.


Veneers are a permanent cosmetic solution used to re-shape or cover teeth with cosmetic blemishes.

A "bridge" is a permanent dental appliance that consists of three or more crowns fused together and is intended to replace missing teeth when indicated.

Implant Restorations

We provide crowns, bridges and dentures affixed to implants based off of our patients wants and needs. All prescribed implants are placed by an oral surgeon. 

 Complete & Partial Dentures
Complete and partial dentures are removable appliances, most often made of dental acrylic, that are used as a temporary or permanent solution to replace missing teeth and restore function and esthetics for our patients.
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Meet Our Doctors

This is a photo of Cole Scott, DDS

Dr. Cole C. Scott, DDS

Dr. Scott is a graduate of Loma Linda University School of Dentistry and a native of Southern California. Originally from the High-Desert, he began living and practicing in the community of Riverside in 2019. As your dentist, Dr. Scott’s mission is to provide dental care of the highest standards via a personal, patient-centered, comfortable and caring approach. He prides himself on perfection and will ensure you receive the best care possible. Dr. Scott considers his skillset a gift, and, in return, has volunteered his time and services locally and abroad.

Outside of the office, Dr. Scott and his wife are active members at The Grove Community Church. Dr. Scott enjoys all things outdoors - golfing, surfing, hiking, snowboarding, and much more.

This is a photo Rob Mohn, DDS.

Dr. Robert J. Mohn, DDS
Founder Emeritus

Dr. Mohn is a general dentist that was born and raised right here in the city of Riverside. Dr. Mohn has been serving the community since 1988. In his 35 years of practice, Dr. Mohn has proven himself to be one of the premier dentists in town. His mission has been and always will be to provide the best care possible to his patients, keeping his patients best-interests at heart. Dr. Mohn’s community contributions haven’t stopped at the dental office, he also serves as a member of the board of trustees for California Baptist University and serves as a team member at The Grove Community Church. Dr. Mohn has been on countless mission trips abroad over the years, providing his services to those most in need. ​

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3731 Tibbetts Street Suite 1 Riverside, CA 92506


Monday – 7AM – 5PM

Tuesday – 7AM – 5PM

Wednesday – 7AM – 5PM

Thursday – 7AM – 5PM

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday  - CLOSED


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